Marina + Rob | Lovely Engagement in Tropea

A beautiful couple from Russia and USA having an Engagement in Tropea

They will make you fall in love

Just like happened to me during the making of these pictures. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Marina and Rob are a very special couple. During her studies in the United States, Marina met Rob, amazing surf instructor. They are a perfect demonstration of how love wins against distance. It’s very easy to understand how genuine are their feelings. Our Facebook conversations before our meeting and a brief talk in a bar knowing each other were enough to have the certainty that I would have taken pictures of two really beautiful people in love.

The place chosen to celebrate their love is Tropea, probably my favorite sea town in Calabria, that wanted to honor this couple giving a late spring enjoyable afternoon. We walked so much around the characteristic small streets of this seaside village, almost like trying to get lost in such that beauty.

The Tyrrhenian golden light, the smell of the flowers in the streets of the town and the magic of the sun going down to the sea in a deserted beach is what you are going to find in this Engagement in Tropea.

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Give a look to this magic caught on Fuji 400H and Acros film with my Mamiya 645 Pro and EOS3. Scans by Carmencita Film Lab.

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