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Late Summer Early Morning Honeymoon Session in Rome | Amber & Jon

An early morning session of Honeymoon Photography in Rome

In late September, when summer is going to end, I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of honeymoon photography in Rome for this lovely couple coming from the Caribbean. They were enjoying an honeymoon trip around the Europe and I was really blessed to take pictures for them during their staying in Rome.

It was such a pleasure to know Amber and Jon in a slight breezing early morning in Piazza di Spagna. I was a bit upset for the overcast weather predicted by the forecast, but we found a bright and enjoyable sunny morning which saw us the entire session. You can’t imagine how was enjoyable walking in a very few crowded city centre, from Piazza di Spagna to Piazza del Popolo, going also through Via Margutta, the artists’ street where Fellini lived. That’s not all: Amber is a great wedding photographer, so I was even more pleased to discover that they really enjoyed their time with me and their pictures.


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I love your pictures! My husband and I will go to Rome on April.
Can you give me more information about prices?
Thank you!!

Hi Miriam, of course 🙂
I’m going to write an email to you.

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